About Medlaw Compliance

“Unsurpassed Expertise and Insight.”
Considered a Visionary in the
Medical-Legal Ramifications
Of Our Evolving Healthcare System

About MedLaw Compliance LLC

MedLaw Compliance LLC, headed by Dr. Richard E. Moses, is in a unique position to assist clients within the confluence of medical, legal, and compliance programs that exist in our healthcare system in the United States. While maintaining a busy active medical practice caring for and advocating for his patients, Dr. Moses is in the minority of physicians having a law degree who actively teaches at both the law school and medical school levels. Dr. Moses is also actively involved with state and national medical societies following the legislative trends that are initiating change and addressing future challenges. Additionally, he consults with healthcare leaders and healthcare system administrators as a result of his multifaceted background and talents. This rare combination has given him unsurpassed expertise and insight such that he is considered a visionary in the medical-legal ramifications of our evolving healthcare system. Dr. Moses has the uncanny ability to understand and educate virtually everyone on medical, legal, ethical, and compliance issues that create risk for patients, healthcare systems, medical malpractice insurance companies and physicians at all levels of their careers.

Medical Malpractice Insurance Companies and Compliance Departments

Dr. Moses reviews potential and filed medical malpractice cases for liability and quality of medicine, for areas of medical negligence, risk and compliance. He works closely with claims committees and Claims Examiners of Medical Malpractice Companies, underwriters, and medical malpractice and other Health Law, medical malpractice insurance companies, and health care attorneys.  His particular expertise is in the areas of Gastroenterology and Hepatology.  He also provides high quality educational services and content development on risk prevention strategies for Health Systems, National Organizations, Medical Insurance Companies, Compliance Officers, and Compliance Departments to educate healthcare providers at all levels, administrators, and Board members on current and future risk issues.  Customized educational programs are commonly produced based on an identified need or problem within the client organization that needs to be addressed and rectified.

Speaking engagements on a local or national level for all Health Care Providers including Advanced Practice Providers, Compliance Officers and associated personnel, healthcare employees, Health Systems, Local and National Medical and Legal Organizations, Medical Insurance Companies, Compliance Officers and Compliance Departments to educate healthcare providers, insurance industry professionals, administrators, and Board members on current and future risk issues are readily scheduled.  Dr. Moses has unparalleled insight and expertise in drilling down on current problems in the Health Care and Compliance disciplines in addition to potential future issues.  No group is too large or too small to provide service and/or educate, depending on the project or identified needs.